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Performing any type of health tests, from testing of various diseases to evaluating cholesterol levels, used to involve phoning your doctor or local clinic, arranging an appointment, going to the clinic, and waiting weeks for your results.

Today, we are fortunate to live in a time when many medical tests can be purchased online and samples can be collected in the comfort of your home. With Testnord results are usually available in days and you may easily decide whether a traditional doctor’s appointment is necessary.

We all care about the quality of life and spend a lot of money on medicine but the best solution to prevent the acuteness of disease and save money is our ability to diagnose. 

Testnord home health tests are an easy way to diagnose a big variety of conditions and prevent any negative consequences.

In vitro diagnostic industry – is a modern medical technology market that focuses on the molecular diagnostic for infectious diseases, sexually-transmitted diseases, chronic diseases, oncology, genetic predispositions to certain diseases. As soon you get diagnosed, as soon you can be treated. Furthermore, our devices are mostly home rapid tests that give a reliable result in 10-20 minutes

We offer three types of health test kits:

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