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Streptococcus A Test (Angina)


Single rapid health test to check whether Angina is caused by Streptococcus A bacteria. CE-certified for professional use.

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A sore throat may be caused by Streptococcus. Common Streptococcus A bacteria causes angina that needs antibiotic treatment. This is a test to check whether Angina is caused by Streptococcus A bacteria.

This is a saliva test, and you will have to collect a saliva sample with special collection swabs, included in the package.

Streptococcus pyogenes is a common, widespread bacteria that cause many acute suppurative infections, including pharyngitis, scarlet fever, soft tissue infections (impetigo, erysipelas, cellulitis), myositis, and life-threatening conditions like streptococcal toxic shock syndrome, necrotizing fasciitis, and sepsis. Rheumatic heart disease and acute rheumatic fever are the postinfectious syndromes responsible for about 500,000 deaths per year worldwide. Streptococcus pyogenes belongs to a so-called group A streptococcal infection (GAS) according to Lancefield’s classification and is the one and only bacterium comprising this group.

More information about this condition you may find here.


  • Includes swab and low-cost strip to detect streptococcus infections in the throat
  • Immunoassay technology, CE Marked, FDA Approved, more than 99% accurate
  • Instruction insert is included in the package
  • The result is available right away!

CE-certified for professional use.

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