• Can Alzheimer’s disease be detected through genetic testing?

    Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a steadily progressive degenerative process that leads to total dementia. Atrophy of the cerebral cortex and limbic system is accompanied by irreversible impairments of neurological and mental functions, predominantly deficient in nature. In AD, there is an increasing decay of memory, intelligence and higher cortical functions, leading to total dementia with […]

  • Achiko creates a dengue fever test based on DNA aptamers.

    The development of a DNA aptamer-based dengue fever diagnostic test has been disclosed by Achiko, a healthtech business that develops technology to provide rapid, affordable diagnostic testing for COVID-19 and other pathogenic diseases. AptameX, a quick COVID-19 diagnostic test incorporated into a digital platform called Teman Sehat (“Health Buddy”), has already acquired emergency use approval […]

  • New test regulations for entering England take effect

    Travelers entering England who are fully vaccinated will now be able to take a lateral flow test rather than a PCR test which is more expensive. After the new rules went into effect on October 24, customers will be able to save money while traveling. Holidaymakers with double jabs who arrive in England from countries, […]

  • CRP Blood Test High Levels

    The results of the test might be unclear sometimes when you are trying to figure out yourself what may cause CRP Blood Test Hight Level. There are many reasons and some other helpful information about CRP blood tests you should be aware of. What is CRP Blood Test? C-reactive protein (CRP) testing is a blood […]

  • Can a positive celiac blood test mean something else?

    After a celiac test has shown positive results you may still have doubts whether it’s celiac disease or can a positive celiac blood test mean something else? Let’s explore this issue in more detail. People with celiac disease who eat gluten have higher than normal levels of certain antibodies in their blood. These antibodies are […]

  • How contagious is HSV 1 genitally?

    Everyone knows that HSV 2 is a genital infection but how contagious is HSV 1 genitally? Let’s try to answer this question shortly. HSV1 infection has several names: “cold” on the lips, fever on the lips, herpes on the lips, herpes labialis, or labial herpes. A cold sore on the lips is primarily caused by […]