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Drug Abuse Urine Test


Test to detect the use of 12 drugs and nicotine including instructions and a urinary test panel.


Drug Abuse Urine Test is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative and simultaneous detection of multiple following drugs in a variety of combinations in human urine.

  • No need to send the samples to any laboratory.
  • The results are immediately available.
  • Easy and reliable.

This package includes instructions and a urinary test panel for testing the use of 12 drugs and nicotine. This is a urine test, and you will have to collect a urine sample as instructed in the instructions leaflet.

Drug Abuse Urine Test is designed with specific cutoff concentrations for these drugs:

1. Amphetamine, 2. Buprenorphine (e.g. Subutex, Temgesic), 3. Cocaine, 4. Ecstasy (Methamphetamine), 5. MDMA, 6. Ephedrine, 7. Heroin, 8. Codeine, 9. Morphine and Opiates, 10. Marijuana, 11. THC/Cannabis, 12. Hasis, and the Nicotine Test (COT, Tobacco Products including Electric Tobacco and Snuff).

Drug abuse, also known as the substance or chemical abuse, is a chronic brain disease, an unhealthy necessity in taking psychoactive substances. Drug substances are the substances or drugs having a specific influence on the central nervous system (stimulating, euphoria, changing the perception of the surrounding world). Abuse of drugs may play a significant role in most social problems, such as violence, stress, drugged driving, and child abuse. It can lead to the conviction of a crime, loss of job, and home.

Drug Abuse Urine Test is used to obtain visual qualitative results and is intended to assist in the determination of drug compliance. This assay provides only a preliminary analytical test result.

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