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Thrombosis Test


Thrombosis test is a simple and reliable home test that gives you information about your risk for venous thrombosis.

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THROMBOSIS TEST  is a simple and reliable home test and gives you information about your risk for venous thrombosis.

This is a saliva test, and you will have to collect a saliva sample with special collection swabs, included in the package.

Venous thrombosis is often caused by multiple risk factors, including genetic and environmental factors, especially when present simultaneously. Risk factors for venous thrombosis include age, immobilization, surgery, trauma, obesity, pregnancy, and genetic risk factors investigated in this test. To find out if you have genetic risk factors you may use our Thrombosis test.

Thrombosis is a process when a blood clot is formed in the blood vessel and obstructs it, causing congestion, ischemia, and necrosis. Thrombosis an obstruction of the vessel by a blood clot formed within its lumen may affect both a vein or an artery. Normally, injury of the blood vessel causes the formation of a blood clot from fibrin fibers and platelets to prevent blood loss. However, blood clots may occur in the body under certain circumstances, even when the blood vessels remain intact. A thrombosis test can help you make lifestyle changes to have better chances to avoid this dangerous condition.

Venous thrombosis causes congestion of the affected body part/organ. Arterial thrombosis results in ischemia and, therefore, cell necrosis.

Thrombosis test package includes:

  • Easy to use, non-invasive buccal test sample collection swabs.
  • Safe and secure transport pouch with desiccant to protect and provide a stable environment for the genetic sample during transport.
  • Paid envelope for sending the samples to the laboratory.

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